Good to know / FAQ

How does it work?
We take a short walk to our Take- Off area (short 10 minute uphill walk from Mürren), where your Pilot will provide a comprehensive Briefing. There is no jumping, no cliff edge and we take a few running steps to allow the Paraglider to take lift off –  lifting you and your Pilot into the air where you will sit comfortably while soaring over the Alps!

What is included?

  • Insurance
  • Pick-up from booking agent or hotel
  • Complimentary drink after your flight at Airtime Café in Lauterbrunnen.  Choice of coffee, tea, local beer or a glass of Swiss wine

Is transport included?
As many Guests to the area hold one of the local or Swiss Travel Passes, our price does not include the cost from Stechelberg to the take off. For those Guests not holding one of the Passes, ehe single cable car ticket from Stechelberg to Murren is just 11.40CHF (price correct at time of writing), and the journey takes 10 minutes.
This journey may be covered by your travel pass – check with your travel pass provider.
You are also welcome to meet your pilot directly in Mürren.

Where do we meet?
We can pick you up from your accommodation in Lauterbrunnen, the train station, or Airtime Cafe, and give you a ride to the Schilthornbahn cablecar station.
If you prefer, you can meet your pilot directly in Mürren at the Schilthorn cable car station.

Where do we land?
Just next to the Schilthornbahn cable car station, in Stechelberg. We can transport you back to Lauterbrunnen, or if you are feeling especially energised from your Flight – the walk along the Valley takes less than 1 hour!  Based in Murren?  Simply hop on the cablecar.

How long is the flight?
The Flight time is approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on conditions.  Our Double Airtime flight is just that – double the airtime, at 30-40 minutes. Our Pilots are not constricted to time and endeavour to ensure the flight lasts as long as the conditions allow – on average longer than our minimum timings.

How high is it?
We take off in Murren (1650m) around 850metres above our landing field in Stechelberg (800m); and we are able to soar much higher, using thermals, if conditions allow!

Can I take a camera?
Yes, as long as it is a compact camera/GoPro and can be secured to you. No DSLRs or phones, for safety reasons.

Can I take a bag?
Yes, if it is a small bag.  If it is too large to fly with, you can simply send it down via cable car (See Schilthorn counter for details), and collect it after landing!

Do I need to be fit?
You don’t need to be an athlete, but you do need to be able to take a few running steps to take off.

What should I wear?
Wear what you would wear to hike.  Layered clothing, and good shoes (no flip flops!).

What is the age limit?
There isn’t one!  We suggest a minimum age of 5 for kids, and there is NO upper age limit.

What is the weight limit?
100kg / 220lbs

Can I fly with my wife/kid/dog?
No, Im afraid not – just one person per pilot.

I’ve never done this before, is that ok?
Yes!  You don’t need any experience – you will be flying with a highly experienced pilot who will brief you throughly.

How much is the photo/video package?
Photos are 30CHF; photos AND video (s) are 40CHF.  We give you a USB stick to take them with you after the flight – no need to book beforehand, you can decide after the flight if you would like them.

How do I pay?
1 – Prebook online with a credit card, on our website, to ensure you have the date and time you want.
2 – Pay directly with your pilot after your flight.  Credit card payments have a 2% fee.

My friend wants to watch, is that possible?
Yes!  We suggest that spectators wait at the landing field in Stechelberg, next to the Schilthornbahn cable car station, for the best view of the flight.

I have more questions…
Please WhatsApp or call us direct on +41(0)79 247 8463 or email





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